Rasamanikya Benefits, Ingredients, Dose, Uses in Bronchial asthma



  • Siddha Bhesaja Mani Mala


  1. Suddha Tala


  1. It is indicated for the treatment of vata sleshmaja jvara,breathing difficulty,bronchial asthma.


  • 125-250 mg daily in single or divided dosages. As it contains arsenic, so be careful regarding dosages. It comes in both powder and tablet form. In powder form it is difficult to devide the dosages.


  1. Avoid in pregnancy and lactation period.
  2. Not suitable for children Bellow 5 years.
  3. Avoid before or after major surgeries.
  4. Avoid in renal function impairment.
  5. As it contains arsenic so don’t use for a long time and never go for over dosages.

Side Effects:

No known side effects with in prescribed dosages and treatment duration.

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