Arthocal Benefits, Ingredients, Dose, Uses in knee pains,Osteoarthritis,Fibramyalgia,Lumbar spondylosis,Cervical spondylosis,Sciatica and Natural Calcium



  1. –knee pains
  2. –Osteoarthritis
  3. –Fibramyalgia
  4. –Lumbar spondylosis
  5. –Cervical spondylosis
  6. –Sciatica
  7. –Natural Calcium


–praval pishti—125 mg

–akik pisti    —125 mg

–jawar mohra pisti–125 mg

–kamdhudha ras   —125 mg

–Mukta pisti   —125 mg

–Giloy ext     —75 mg

–Gokhru ext—75 mg


–one tablet daily one time after meal


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