Variation of Blood Pressure during Nasya karma Snehapaaka–a Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial

Manojkumar A K, Devi Ramachandran Nair ABSTRACT: Background : Mars’a nasya (nasal instillation of medicine) has immense impact on brain and circulatory system owing to its absorptive and stimulatory effects. Many a time, observation of vital parameters was not properly monitored leading to life-threatening complications especially when the patient is hypertensive. Whether the snehapaaka (critical… Continue reading Variation of Blood Pressure during Nasya karma Snehapaaka–a Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial


Vasti Therapy (Urovasti & Shirovasti) treatments in Ayurveda Vasti is a major procedure among the Panchakarmas. The term vasti is derived from the fact that the apparatus used for introducing medicated materials is made of vasti (animal’s urinary bladder). The vasti procedure helps restore the balance of doshas. Apart from increasing weight in emaciated people,… Continue reading Urovasti


Panchamahabhootha concepts in Ayurveda PANCHA-MAHABHOOTHA THEORY OR CONCEPT OF PANCHA-MAHABHOOTHA IN AYURVEDA In Ayurveda it is said that component and functioning of the nature is similar to human body components and its functions.Ayurveda is based on the principle that the human body is made up of five basic element such as “Panchamahabhootha”, namely, Prithvi (earth),Aap… Continue reading PANCHA-MAHABHOOTHA THEORY


KERALIYA PANCHAKARMA- TREATMENTS IN AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA CHIKITSA/TREATMENTS IN AYURVEDA Ayurveda treatments comprises of two major parts,Samshodhana Chikitsa (Bio cleansing therapy) and Samshamana Chikitsa (Pacifying Therapy).Samshamana Chikitsa consist of conservative treatment like Langhana,Pachana, drug administration etc.Samshodhana Chikitsa  envisages Pancha karma treatment which is basically a Bio-cleansing regimen indented to eliminate the toxic element from the body… Continue reading KERALIYA PANCHAKARMA


SNEHANA OR OLEATION THERAPY IN AYURVEDA It is a type of Poorva karma(pre operative) procedures in Panchakarma.Snehana stands for lubrication of  the body systems by the administration of fatty substances internally or externally.Internal administration of Sneha/oil is called Snehapanam.It is an important preparatory procedure for Panchakarma. Mainly four types of Snehana dravyas.medicines are used for… Continue reading SNEHANA


SNEHA PAANAM and its Procedures  SNEHAPANA IN AYURVEDA TREATMENTS Internal administration of Sneha or fat materials in the body is called Sneha panam/ Abhyantara Sneha.It is again classified into two Achapana Sneha and Vicharana Sneha.This type of snehana mainly used prior to the shodhana therapy as preparatory procedure and also to prepare the body and… Continue reading SNEHAPANA

Svedana karma

CLASSIFICATION OF SVEDA KARMA/FOMENTATION THERAPY IN AYURVEDA Svedana karma- classification 1.Niragni Sveda (without fire) and 2. Saagni sveda(with fire) (ref: susurutha and vaagbhata) Niragni sveda:                                   Saagni Sveda Vyayama (Exercise)                   1.Tapa Sveda -done with hand Ushna sadana                            Kaansya,Kapaala,Kanduka,Vaaluka and Guru pravarana                         vastra (cloth) Kshudha                                  2.Upanaha Sveda-bandhan,pradeha,potali Bahupan                                  3.Ushma sveda-done with kapaala,Pashana Bhaya                                      Loha… Continue reading Svedana karma

Bashpa Sweda

Bashpa Sweda or Steam Bath in Ayurveda Treatment BASHPA SWEDA or STEAM BATH This is kind of sudation by which medicated steam is applied to the patients body for a certain periods of time to get perspiration.It removes stiffness,heaviness and coldness from the body.(ref:A.H). Bashpa Sweda/Steam Bath For this purpose Bashpa Sweda Yantra (A steam… Continue reading Bashpa Sweda


SHASHTIKA SHAALI PINDA SWEDA OR NAVARAKIZHI navarakkizhi Shashtika shaali pinda sweda also known as Navarakkizhi is a Kerala specialty of treatment in which the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire by the application of heated medicinal rice (Navara) puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in a cotton cloth… Continue reading SHASHTIKA SHAALI PINDA SWEDA OR NAVARAKIZHI


Panchakarma: Basics, Types, Sub Types & Importance Ayurveda is a science of life, which having some ultimate formulas for body purifications. To know those formulas we have to know Panchakarma therapy. From the name we can make out some meaning of it, Panch (five) + Karma (methods or work) means a series of five methods … Continue reading Panchakarma